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Can I Use A Hydrogen Peroxide System For My Well With No Contact Tank?

Can I Use a Hydrogen Peroxide System for My Well With No Contact Tank? We liked reading your different posts! I have a query about well water therapy. Our water has a sulfur odor, and it drives my wife crazy. My wife is allergic to chlorine, therefore we would like to try out peroxide. However, I have a limited distance. What sort of strategy do you advocate? By the way, the well does not have any coliform bacteria, that our water is safe to consume so far as this goes. Peroxide therapy would work excellent. Because the odor is quite slight, no contact tank is needed and you aren’t hoping to cure for ecoli or harmful bacteria.

You create the installation easier by employing a Proportional Flow Peroxide Injection program, utilizing the PCM controller and the Stenner pump and can save space. In this method, the Stenner Pump is controlled by Pump Control Module PCM which is then plugged to a Pulse Water Meter. The  water filtration systems metering pump is energized to inject a tiny quantity of Peroxide water flows throughout the Water Heater that. A backwashing Centaur carbon filters after the peroxide is injected. The no-touch tank is necessary for this program and the machine may fit in a distance of two feet.

Stenner pumps are both self-priming and will not drop suction as is normal with all diaphragm chemical feed pumps. No alternative tank is contained, this is the pump just. Usage is 1/2 gallon based on the amount of contamination and quantity of water. About inline mixer, set up skip for line sizes that are larger. No-touch tank called Peroxide works quickly from the oxidation procedure. The injection interface makes it effortless to set up the Stenner injection test valve. Of the filter websites you will need for the machine is comprised. Outstanding for use in water, eliminating, and eliminating scents and several tastes. Very powerful Thermal carbon for removing impurities and appropriate for a house with as much as 3 1/2 baths. Much longer life and greater flow rates compared to carbon. Unlike carbon capsules that may trap grime and sediment resulting in stress fall sediment alleviating pressure fall is automatically backwashed out by these systems. 3/4″ or 1″ pipe connectors and skip are also included.